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Sabrina & Lourenços Reef in São Miguel

Sabrina Island is an islet formed during the months of June and July 1811 by a submarine volcanic eruption off Ponta da Ferraria, São Miguel Island, Azores, one of many that have been felt in the Sete Cidades Massif over time. The first person to land on the new island was Commander James Tillard, captain of the British warship HMS Sabrina, who hoisted the Union Jack on the island and claimed sovereignty for Great Britain. A diplomatic row over the issue ensued, which the island’s sinking back into the sea rendered moot.

Today, it is a dive spot where more experienced divers can have unique moments with great pelagics. It’s located 25 miles from Vila Franca do Campo, a one-hour boat trip, and the depths range from 75 meters to 25 in an almost vertical wall, making it the dive of a lifetime.


  • International Diving Certification, minimum of level 2, and a coastal dive with us before the trip.