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Other services

a group of people swimming in the water
Azores Sub provides various services, whether in the recreational area or in services for professionals.
Azores Sub has at your disposal a wide range of essential equipment and infrastructure to the most varied activities related to the sea.
Professional Photography and Video Underwater
The Azores are a unique spot to capture underwater images of large pelagic.
 In recent years numerous photographers and video professionals have made unprecedented underwater images.
The collection of underwater images of whales and sperm whales requires a prior authorization, exclusively for professionals issued by the Regional Government of Açores. If you pretend, we can help you with the process of request.
Filling Station
We can provide the filling of breathable air until 200 or 300 Bar.
We have at our customer’s disposal charges of NITROX until a maximum of 40% O2.
Soon will have also charges of TRIMIX!
Equipment Rental
In Azores Sub you can rent all the equipment for scuba diving or just snorkeling.
Boat Rental with Skipper
We have 2 boats of 8,50 meters and one of 7,50 meters to rent. For more information about renting boats, please contact us.
Hydrostatic Proof
Azores Sub is the only company in the Azores licensed by ITG for conducting hydrostatic tests. For more information about the hydrostatic testing, please contact us.
Diving Equipment Maintenance
Because of the diving equipment depends your security, Azores Sub has at your disposal a highly specialized team in maintenance of various brands. We carry out maintenance on all types of diving equipment.
Leak Tests
We replaced the battery in your watch and dive computer and we perform the leak test to ensure that remains completely watertight.
Contact us with any questions.