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Scuba Diving Tours in Vila Franca do Campo in Azores

We offer you the possibility to experience the world of diving in the Azores.


To dive at the wreck site of MV DORI is to dive in history. It’s a Liberty ship built during the Second World War in the United States and one of the few ships of this type to participate in Operation Overlord on the Normandy coast. Have you ever imagined yourself diving in hydrothermal vents, feeling the force of nature in its purest state?

Azores Sub Dive Center gives you this possibility, whether you are a certified diver or have never experienced the world of diving. Our tours are perfect for everyone! Come experience a relaxing dive! We also organize expeditions to the offshore reefs of Formigas and Dollabarat.

With an average visibility over 40 meters and a much-diversified fauna, you must dive at these sites at least once in a lifetime! These are privileged spots to observe large pelagic fish like blue sharks and manta rays.