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Rescue Diver Course in São Miguel

Challenging and rewarding are the words that best describe this course, essential for those who want to progress in their diving career, preparing them to prevent and manage problems. There is a great aptitude for this course, as it is very complete in terms of practice and rescue exercises.

The following techniques make part of the training: self-rescue, recognizing stress in other divers, emergency management, equipment to be used, and rescue of panicked and unconscious divers on the bottom and on the surface. It consists of five knowledge development modules with a final theoretical exam, preparation of an emergency plan, a review of self-rescue techniques, 10 rescue exercises, and two open water scenarios.

Online training can be done on two weekends or during the week after work or work hours. We do the course with only one participant without extra cost.


  • Diver level 2, First Aid (Primary and Secondary Care), and be at least 12 years old